Our Mission:

Wilmington Wellness Studio strives to offer a harmonic, non-judgemental, and invigorating environment for clients to practice Yoga and/or Pilates. Understanding that the reasons for seeking out Yoga or Pilates are diverse, we accept the challenge to provide a dynamically appropriate class in which everybody and any body can participate, yet simultaneously be challenged mentally and physically. We maintain the highest quality of education and disciplinary standards to promote professional growth among our instructors while respecting various approaches to physical well being. We strive to function as an information resource for the community and welcome feedback about our studio and its offerings.

Pilates vs. Yoga:

There is an age-old question that addresses the similarities and differences between these two disciplines and whether or not it is possible to create a Pilates-Yoga fusion? Both of these disciplines are acceptable for virtually all ages, fitness levels, and abilities and can easily be modified to provide a challenging mental and physical workout for any client. Pilates was founded by Joseph Pilates as a method to maintain physical strength and overall wellbeing.

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Wilmington Wellness
Wilmington Wellness